Woman 2.0 at Founder Friday in Santiago and Buenos Aires!


This Friday, July 12th, our Leanbirds girls will be hosting Woman 2.0 Founder Friday simultaneously in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile, can you believe it? It's so awesome! Lucila and I will be sharing our experiences in Tech entrepreneurship at the same time in different countries.
Founder Friday is a Women 2.0 event to promote the creation of new networks among aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs and investors in innovative cities globally. Both men and women are invited to attend Founder Friday. Founder Friday is currently hosted in 19 cities worldwide.
If you are in Chile, you can register to the event here
If you are in Argentina, you can register here.
You cannot miss this event!
The Founder Friday events have been a total success, both in Chile and Argentina!
We loved Woman 2.0 community and networking!
We got featured by Woman 2.0 blog, you can read the post 'Entrepreneurship meets Motherhood' here.