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We take your vision and make it real.
From business validation to interface design, coding,
implementation and demo release.
We support you through the entire lean startup path.
Let's make this journey together.

Is it a sustainable business?

  • Business Model Validation
  • Minimum Viable Product definition
  • Customer Development

Let us do our magic!

  • Agile methodologies
  • Fast iteration
  • Open source tools
  • Prototyping

Pivot or persevere?

  • Demo release
  • Customer insights
  • Validated learning
  • QA & SLA

Our body of work


Simplur helps people who can give a little make the same impact as those who can give a lot


A marketplace connecting consumers to verified service providers to get local services done


Food delivery Platform based on user and restaurant location.
(commissioned by Indicius)


Stimulating creativity, imagination and children love for the reading through the most fun and exciting interactive stories.


Your online store and marketing assistant, now more simple.


Solving eCommerce issues has never been this swift, easy and cost-effective!


Funnely is an online assistant that will help online stores' owners create, manage and optimize their mkt campaigns.

What makes us different


  • Time optimizers
  • Methodology lovers
  • Best practices implementators


  • Enterpreneurial spirit
  • Challenge seekers
  • Adrenaline addicts


  • Tech professionals
  • Visionaries
  • Years of Expertise
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"Playbook: Full Funnel Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Marketers" by @tulicipriota on @LinkedIn https://t.co/rcTNT0aFg3
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